I have lived my dream, which was to put my heart into painting birds and animals. And, I have experienced a long, deep love of my wife of 50 years. I continue to paint, day after day, knowing that I am truly fortunate to have made a living for so many years with my art. My hope is to give through my art something that may be enjoyed, may even inspire others for many years after I'm gone.

My wildlife inspirations have come from living in chosen, creative environments. While living in Ft. Bragg and Mendocino, CA I was commissioned to paint a dow sheep scene. This was a turning point for me to change directions from being a well known and successful commercial artist and illustrator, to a sole dedication to painting wildlife. The beaches offered great varieties of shore birds. On the 5 rivers, we watched and filmed osprey and eagles. On our 10 acre horse ranch we observed several varieties of hawks, owls. We had several golden and ring-neck pheasants, wood ducks, dogs, horses, cats to photograph, sketch, and study.

20 years later we moved to the mountains of Mt. Shasta and McCloud, CA. Again, I found great numbers of wildlife creatures to study and paint everywhere around our home. Throughout the 4 seasons, we had close experiences with black bear, cougar, lynx cats, fox, coyote, a variety of owls, geese, deer, many types of birds. Several local lakes were home to osprey and bald eagles.

My wife and I are thankful to have lived in and raise our children in these wonderful locations. We are now exploring new wildlife areas in Oregon, beginning a whole new series of adventures.